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DNS Wireless Success Stories

Dick's Sporting Goods

When the retail chain Dick's Sporting Goods was struggling to set up a wireless data back-up system that could expand as the chain grew, it turned to DNS Wireless at the recommendation of Sprint. DNS went to one of the chain's Ohio stores in early January 2008, identified available cell towers and tested a variety of equipment, then chose a roof-mounted YAGI EVDO antenna system aimed at the nearest cell tower, with a Wilson signal amplifier inside.

Before DNS, the store had a -91 (1 bar) cell signal in the router area, and could not communicate at a reliable network speed with the corporate office. About one-third of the chain's stores had similar problems, and the project would have been scrapped without a solution.

After DNS's solution was installed, the store had a powerful -58 (More than 5 bars) signal.  Its Sprint EVDO Rev A HWIC card worked more perfectly, at speeds from 400 Kbps to more than 1 Mbps, enough to run Dick's backup system many times the speed of an ISDN line. 

By the end of that same month, Dick's had ordered similar systems for 75 other stores.

Aqua America

When Aqua America in Bryn Mawr, PA needed to get voice and data access on all it's IT people's latest 3G Blackberries, AT&T referred them to DNS Wireless.  The problem was there was little to no coverage in the area where their department was located in the building. Calls were going right into voicemail and critical emails were being missed while they were away from their computers.

DNS came in and did a site survey and found they could fix the scenario at about 1/10 the cost that Aqua had been previously quoted.

So after DNS installed the new system, the coverage went from 0 to 1 bars sometimes, to a solid 5 bars throughout the department.  Needless to say, the personnel was very happy to see such a huge improvement in their ability to communicate and support the business.

American Infrastructure

With road construction sites scattered across the Northeast, American Infrastructure was having enough challenges keeping its managers linked by cell phone, let alone WWAN. The company had tried a variety of antennas on its own, but had found nothing that worked reliably and efficiently at all its locations.

It, too, turned to DNS Wireless.

DNS created a system using YX-600 YAGI antennas for cell phones and a EVDO Broadband antenna amp system for internet with their Top Global MB8000 Router. The company's sites now have enough signal for managers to use smart phones and laptops inside the construction trailers on remote sites, and can link at broadband speed to the home office.

The company was so happy it bought several more DNS systems to boost the signal at its suburban Philadelphia headquarters.

More Success Stories

When a Kodak executive could not get wireless broadband at his Indiana farmhouse, his cell provider turned to DNS. DNS designed a complete solution, selected and shipped the required hardware and even assisted with the installation.

When rheumatologist Frank Peterson lost his internet service, he called DNS, ready to buy 20 air cards just to keep functioning. DNS instead created a signal-boosted air card/router system that runs all 20 machines.

When General Dynamics executive Stanley Stope could not get a cell signal to run air cards at a job site, his cell provider called DNS. DNS guided him to an antenna system that solved his problems.

Other satisfied customers include: Advance Auto Parts, OCE Business Services, XEROX, COMAIR, Rent-A-Center, OEM Controls, Inc., Morgan-Keller, Inc., Hillary Clinton for President, Quarles Petroleum, SPRINT NEXTEL, U-Store-It, Giant Eagle grocery stores, Turner Industries, AIPAC and more.